Dai Sentai Goggle-V
Goggle Vlogo
Season 6


February 6, 1982

Original Broadcaster

TV Asahi

Production Company


Previous Season

Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan

Next Season

Kagaku Sentai Dynaman

The PlotEdit

In Germany an Evil Science Empire known as Death Dark launches it's plan to take over the world. Dr. Hongou, founder of the Future Science Laboratory, is saved from one of their attacks by world class explorer Ken'ichi Akama. With the aid of his Computer Boys and Girls, Hongou was able to find five people and forms the Goggle-V team. With Akama as Goggle Red, this team is the only hope the world has against Death Dark.

The Goggle VEdit

Ken'ichi Akama - Goggle Red

Goggle V

Kanpei Kuroda - Goggle Black

Saburou Aoyama - Goggle Blue

Futoshi Kijima - Goggle Yellow

Miki Momozono - Goggle Pink


Dr. Hideki Hongou

Sayuri Yamamoto

Midori Wakagi

Computer Boys and Girls (Comboy)

  • Tatsuya Ueda
  • Makoto Takenaka
  • Haruo Shimada
  • Daisuke Ooyama
  • Akane Aizawa


Death Dark


  • Red Ruby Whip
  • Black Clubs
  • Blue Ring
  • Yellow Ball
  • Pink Ribbon
  • Goggle Brace


Goggle Caesar

  • Goggle Container 1-3

Goggle Robo

  • Goggle Jet
  • Goggle Tank
  • Goggle Dump


  1. Dark Science's Invasion
  2. Rise up! Futuristic Warriors
  3. Deathtopia Attacks
  4. Swelling Dark Land Mines
  5. The Devil is a Lurking Legend
  6. The Villainous Wrestler's Love
  7. Papa is Turned into a Ghost
  8. Aiming at a Beautiful Professor
  9. Hell's Mushroom Village
  10. The Rare Pomato's Secret
  11. The Terrifying Magma Strategy
  12. Falsehood Coming from a Sandy Hell
  13. The Great Riot of the Underground Catfish
  14. It's Serious! The Earth's Sinking
  15. The Revived Demonic Commander-in-Chief
  16. Red! Close Call
  17. The Kappa Boy's Tears
  18. The Day the Adults Disappeared
  19. The Secret of the Haunted House
  20. The Deadly Poisonous Flowered Cactus
  21. Fear! The Fish are Fossilizing
  22. Attack of the Cursed Puppets!
  23. The Great Soap Bubble Plan
  24. Defeat the Unseen Enemy
  25. The Dinosaur is the Devil's Emmisarry
  26. Black! Great Reversal!
  27. The Human Jungle!
  28. The Revived Dead Mozoos
  29. Fear of Sleeping Quarters
  30. Inawashiro's Golden Demon Sword
  31. Blue! Great Assault!
  32. Startling Boneless Humans
  33. Caesar Great Explosion?!
  34. It Came Forth! Golden Finishing Move
  35. Iron-Eating Humans' Attack
  36. Shoot-Out! 0.3 Seconds!
  37. The Mysterious Bomber Attacks
  38. Friendship Attack!
  39. The Devil's Cannibal Album
  40. The Secret Base is in Danger
  41. A Transformed Papa's Great Adventure
  42. Assassination! The Scorpion's Snare
  43. Fight to the Death! The Oval Struggle
  44. Oh! The Food is in the Sand
  45. Two Blacks!
  46. Super Energy Arrival
  47. This is the Ultimate Weapon
  48. The Secret Base's Last Day
  49. Shogun! The Final Challenge
  50. Proceed! To the Shining Future


In the 80's Goggle 5 aired in the Philippines, Brazil(where it failed) and Indonesia (where it was very successful).

It aired in Italy during the mid 80's and re-aired during the Power Rangers boom in that country.

Official WebsiteEdit

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