Appears in Power Rangers Mystic Force 
Gender Male 
Color Gold 
Debut Broken Spell, Part One 
Last Seen Mystic Fate, Part Two 
Sentai Counterpart Heavenly Saint Sungel 
Portrayed By John Tui 

Daggeron is the Solaris Knight and Sixth Mystic Force Ranger. He is portrayed by John Tui.


Daggeron acts as the no-nonsense tutor of the Mystic Rangers; training them in various aspects of Magic. Like Udonna, he can be strict yet fair in dealing with others. He also sees value in honor and chivalry.

He is the only Ranger other than Nick to have bested Koragg in combat.


Magic SpellsEdit

The Mystic Force Rangers have the unique ability to cast various Magic Spells based on the element they are associated with using their Magi Staffs and the Spell Codes dialed by the Mystic Morpher. Being one of the Ancient Mystics, Daggeron forgoes the Spell Code system entirely in favor of both his own personal reservoir of Magic as well as the assistance of his genie friend Jenji. Daggeron has the ability to control the element of Light.

Like Leanbow, Daggeron has the ability to enter Ancient Mystic Mode.




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