Conner McKnight
Appears in Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Power Rangers S.P.D.(Cameo) 
Gender Male 
Color Red 
Debut Day of the Dino 
Last Seen Wormhole 
Sentai Counterpart Ryouga Hakua 
Portrayed By James Napier 

Conner McKnight is the Red Dino Thunder Ranger. He is portrayed by James Napier.



Dino Gem PowerEdit

Upon bonding with the Red Dino Gem, Conner gained the ability to move at super-speed; with his speed and reflexes adjusting to match. When the power is active, normal time appears to slow down.





  • In the Episode "Storm Before the Calm," Conner mentions a brother named Eric who was a failed student at the Wind Ninja Academy. This character made a minor appearance in Ninja Storm as a named civilian.

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