Clash of the Red Rangers : The Movie
Clash Poster

US Premiere

November 26, 2011

Original US Broadcaster

Nickelodeon HD

Production Company

Saban Brands

Previous Episode

The Rescue

Next Episode

The Bullzord

Clash of the Red Rangers: The Movie is a one-hour Special which aired on 26 November 2011. It focuses on the team up of the Samurai Rangers and Ranger Red of RPM.


Professor Cog, a minion of Venjix's forces, comes to the Samurai Ranger's dimension to take samples of the Sanzu River in a plot to poison humanity in the RPM dimension. As the Samurai Rangers enjoy an afternoon, Grinders attack a construction crew on a bridge. When the Rangers's swords were ineffective in harming the Grinders, RPM Ranger Red, Scott Truman, arrives and destroys all the Grinders. At the Shiba house, Scott tells the others that he can't de-morph for fear that their atmosphere may kill him because he is more accustomed to the polluted atmosphere of his dimension. Xandred and Cog attack Gold Ranger Antonio to lure out the others. When the Rangers respond, Cog opens a portal to his world and sends all but the Red Rangers through. To finish the two red Rangers, Cog shoots them with special ammo that will cause them to slowly distrust and kill each other. Later, a large gathering of Moogers and Grinders are detected, and Jayden races Scott to the location. Scott "confronts" Jayden about cheating in the race and eliminate a bunch of minions as they "finish each other off". It turns out that Mentor-Ji saw through the betrayal ammo and used a symbol to remove the effects. As Jayden and Scott tag-team the army of Nighlok, the others return thanks to the RPM rangers sending them back. Both Red Rangers trade use of the Shark Power Disc to overpower and destroy the Mooger army. At the end of the episode, Scott says farewell, and wishes Mike luck with Emily telling him he sees the way Emily looks at him. He tells him to wait for the right time to tell her.


Jayden Shiba - Alex Heartman

Kevin - Najee-De-Tiege

Mia Watanbe - Erika Fong

Mike - Hector David Jr.

Emily - Brittany Anne Pirtle

Antonio Garcia - Jeremy Birchall

Scott Truman - Tobias Reiss (Eka Darville)

Rene Naufahu - Mentor Ji

Jeff Szusterman - Master Xandred and Octroo

Cameron Rhodes - Professor Cog

Derek Judge - Serrator

John Dybvig - General Gut

Geoffrey Dolan - General Tread

Dean Young - Sharkjaw


Trivia & ErrorsEdit

  • Scott Truman appears in Clash of the Red Rangers by himself in his RPM Red Ranger suit and doesn't de-morph. This was a technicality stemming from Eka Darville being under a Union contract. Since Power Rangers is a non-union show, Eka could only do the voice. Thus he did so under the fake name Tobias Reiss.
  • The Rainbow-coloured "V" that appears in "The Rescue" is not to be seen in this Megazord Combination.
  • This special marks the debut of the Shark Disc and Shark Attack Mode. However, the Shark Disc first appears in-show in The Rescue; and this special's events are never mentioned despite canonically taking place prior.

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