Choushinsei Flashman
Flash logo
Season 10


March 1, 1986

Original Broadcaster

TV Asahi

Production Company


Previous Season

Dengeki Sentai Changeman

Next Season

Hikari Sentai Maskman

The PlotEdit

n 1966, 5 children were kidnapped by the Alien Hunters, for the Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess, who wanted to experiment on humans from earth. The Flash alien race rescued them and took each one to a different planet of the Flash solar system for training. When they finally return to Earth in 1986 to combat Mess, who is now trying to invade it, they use the opportunity to search for their birth parents. They later learn that their time on earth will be cut short because earth atmosphere has become deadly to them. When a year passes, they will die from what is known as the Anti-Flash Phenomenon.

The FlashmenEdit

Jin - Red Flash


Dai - Green Flash

Bun - Blue Flash

Sara - Yellow Flash

Lou - Pink Flash



Doctor Tokimura

Setsuko Tokimura

Hero Titan

Ley Baraki


Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess


  • Prism Holy Sword
  • Prism Kaiser
  • Prism Ball
  • Prism Batons
  • Prism Boots
  • Prism Flash
  • Prism Shooter
  • Rolling Vulcan

Flashmen MechaEdit

Flash King

  • Tank Command
  • Jet Delta
  • Jet Seeker

Flash Titan


  1. Hurry! Save the Earth
  2. Behold! The Giant Robot
  3. An Old Enemy? Hunter!
  4. Mag is a Genius Robot?!
  5. In the Care of the Female Warriors!
  6. Roar! Machine
  7. Balloon! Become a Weapon
  8. Father!! Mother!! Little Sister!
  9. The Doctor Who Travels Through Time
  10. Attack! The Flower Girl's Trap
  11. Lou is the Beast Warrior's Mother
  12. Super Power! Wanda
  13. Intense Battle! Danger, Jin
  14. Love!? Bun and the Female Gangster
  15. The Giant Robot is Worn Out
  16. The Human Minimini Plan
  17. The Mysterious Giant Reckless Car!
  18. Big Turnaround! The Transforming Robot
  19. Baraki's Dying Warning
  20. Revival! Giant Robot!
  21. Sorrowful Sara
  22. SOS! Phoenix!
  23. Please, Throbbing!
  24. The Occult Summer Vacation
  25. Hurry, Jin, Fusion is Impossible
  26. Space Pumpkin Cooking
  27. Dai's Punch of Friendship
  28. Sublime! Fiery Galus
  29. Monstrous Warrior Wandarla
  30. Bizarre Nefelura
  31. It Vanished! The Power of the 5
  32. We Like You, We Like You, Mag, We Like You
  33. Papa Won't Lose!
  34. Bun Disappeared in the Rapids
  35. The Starry Sky's Duet
  36. The Shocking Wonder Bug
  37. A Ghost's First Love
  38. The Day Jin Dies?!
  39. Burn, Angry Sara
  40. Execution City, Operation XX
  41. Dai Becomes a Child
  42. Don't Cry! Female Warriors
  43. Cowler's Treachery!
  44. Deus Beast Warriors Appear
  45. Warrior! Leave the Earth
  46. Only 20 Days to Live!!
  47. Wanda! Death Cry
  48. The End of Cowler!!
  49. Counterattack, Ra Deus
  50. Farewell! Our Home Planet


Flashman had two movies, Choushinsei Flashman, a theatrical short and Flashman: Big Rally! Titan Boy! a theatrical edit of episodes 15-18.

It was broadcast in Brazil as Star Commando Flashman and was very strongly received there. It was also broadcasted in South Korea as Earth Protector Flashman.

Official WebsiteEdit

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