Charlie "Chip" Thorn
Appears in Power Rangers Mystic Force 
Gender Male 
Color Yellow 
Debut Broken Spell, Part One 
Last Seen Mystic Fate, Part Two 
Sentai Counterpart Tsubasa Ozu 
Portrayed By Nic Sampson 

Charlie Thorn (also referred to as Chip) is the Yellow Mystic Force Ranger. He is portrayed by Nic Sampson.


Chip is one with his eyes on the zest of life, being upbeat and always full of energy. With a love of superheroes and fairy tales, Chip has an open-ended mind and has no trouble accepting the mystical and supernatural occurrences happening all around him. Of course, Chip's zany mindset can make him appear childish to those not in the know. Chip is close friends with Vida Rocca.


Magic SpellsEdit

The Mystic Force Rangers have the unique ability to cast various Magic Spells based on the element they are associated with using their Magi Staffs and the Spell Codes dialed by the Mystic Morpher. The Yellow Ranger has the ability to summon Lightning and control electricity.


Due to the nature of the Magic he uses, the Yellow Ranger becomes his own Zord. Meaning that the Zord itself is reliant on his personal health and Magic ability. This applies to the other Mystic Rangers who are assimilated into the Mystic Lion.



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