Casey Rhodes
Casey 2
Appears in Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Super Megaforce (Cameo) 
Gender Male 
Color Red 
Debut Welcome to the Jungle, Part One 
Last Seen Spirit of the Tiger 
Sentai Counterpart Jan Kandou 
Portrayed By Jason Smith 

Casey Rhodes is the Red Jungle Fury Ranger. He is portrayed by Jason Smith.


When he is first introduced, Casey showed deep doubt in his abilities. However, as he adapts to his role within the Jungle Fury team, Casey grows into a stronger person. He shows great inner strength that causes him to always stand up for what he believes in. Outwardly, Casey has a strong sense of humor with an easily approachable demeanor. However, he can be rather naive at times.

Years later, Casey has developed a slightly calmer demeanor which he displays when dealing with Emma Goodall and Jake Holling; though his signature sense of humor hasn't left him.


Animal SpiritsEdit

Members of the Pai Zhuq and Dai Shi Clans can house their inner essence in the form of "Animal Spirits." Through training, these students and Masters can perform supernatural feats in combat; ranging from summoning the Spirit to attack to controlling energies. Casey houses the Spirit of the Tiger, which seems to be associated with the trait of strength.





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