Appears in Power Rangers Jungle Fury 
Gender Female 
Color Green 
Debut Welcome to the Jungle, Part One 
Last Seen Now the Final Fury 
Sentai Counterpart Mele 
Portrayed By Holly Shanahan 

Camille is the Green Jungle Fury Chameleon Warrior and for much of the show serves as the right-hand of the villainous entity Dai Shi. She is portrayed by Holly Shanahan.


Camille is the trait of loyalty personified. She serves Dai Shi with hearty devotion, aiming to win his favor. She is the type that seeks approval and acknowledgement from those she slaves for and demonstrates anxiety when she fails them or is scrutinized. Camille specializes in manipulation and stealth tactics, and can be a cunning diplomat when the situation requires her to be. Despite her villainous affiliation, Camille seems to have the markings of a kind person within her.


Animal SpiritsEdit

Members of the Pai Zhuq and Dai Shi Clans can house their inner essence in the form of "Animal Spirits." Through training, these students and Masters can perform supernatural feats in combat; ranging from summoning the Spirit to attack to controlling energies. Camille houses the Spirit of the Chameleon, which seems to be associated with the traits of stealth and isolation.





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