Cameron "Cam" Watanabe
Appears in Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder (Cameo) 
Gender Male 
Color Green 
Debut Prelude to a Storm 
Last Seen Thunder Storm, Part Two 
Sentai Counterpart Asuka Kagura 
Portrayed By Jason Chan 

Cameron Watanabe (also referred to as Cam) is the Green Ninja Storm Samurai Ranger and the son of Sensei Kanoi; serving as his team's Sixth Ranger. He is portrayed by Jason Chan.



Wind Ninja TrainingEdit

Students of the Wind Ninja Academy can harness many of the powers commonly associated with Ninja; including enhanced stealth and speed. While the other possess specific Ranger powers according to their element; Cam is a unique case, since his father never let him attain the position of Ninja himself. Cam does however possess formal martial arts training. Upon bonding with the Samurai Amulet, it essentially becomes his "Element."

On his own, Cam has an impressive intellect and is quite the technical wizard; being the creator of the Power Spheres and Tsunami Cycles as well as the keeper of the Ninja Storm team's Zords and vehicles.

Upon becoming the Green Samurai Ranger, Cam created a "virtual replicant" of himself to take over computer duties whenever he was out fighting.





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