Bridge Carson
Appears in Power Rangers SPD 
Gender Male 
Color Green (Original), Blue (Inherited), Red (Inherited) 
Debut Beginnings, Part One 
Last Seen Once A Ranger, Part Two 
Sentai Counterpart Sen'ichi Enari 
Portrayed By Matt Austin 

Bridge Carson is the Green SPD Ranger; later becoming the Blue, and then Red Rangers. He is portrayed by Matt Austin.



Genetic TraitsEdit

Each of the B-Squad Rangers have one specific genetic trait within them that acts akin to a superpower; gained through experimentation. Bridge has the power of Psychometry; which allows him to sense the "auras" (IE: personalities) of those he targets. Bridge is forced to wear specialized gloves made for him to limit his Psychometry, lest he sense everything around him.

When Morphed into an SPD Ranger; Bridge has also demonstrated Super-Strength. This is heavily implied to be a side-effect of his Ranger Suit.





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