Blue Senturion
Blue Senturion
Appears in Power Rangers Turbo, In Space, (Cameo), S.P.D. (Cameo) 
Gender Male 
Color Blue 
Debut The Millenium Message 
Last Seen Countdown to Destruction, Part Two 
Sentai Counterpart Signalman 
Portrayed By David Walsh 

The Blue Senturion is a futuristic police officer that later becomes an ally to the Turbo Power Rangers as well as the Phantom Ranger. He is portrayed by David Walsh.


The Blue Senturion shows the typical traits of a police officer: dilligence, persistence, kindness, and a desire for justice. He also tries to keep a curt tone to his voice when addressing the Rangers; but seems to sound more casual around civilians.

Being a robotic unit, the Senturion shows a significant deterioration in his ability to react to what's around him when his systems are compromised, usually resulting in unaware hostility. He has been re-programmed on at least four occasions.

The Senturion has also implied that he is but one of many units of his type.






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