Bat Ranger
Bat Ranger
Appears in Power Rangers Jungle Fury 
Gender Male 
Color Black 
Debut Fear and the Phantoms 
Last Seen Now the Final Fury 
Sentai Counterpart N/A 
Portrayed By Oliver Driver (Voiceover) 

The Bat Ranger is one of the Spirit Rangers derived from the powers of three of the Pai Zhuq Masters. He serves as an ally to the Jungle Fury Rangers. He is portrayed by Oliver Driver.


Being an embodiment of power as opposed to a sentient being, this doesn't apply.


Animal SpiritsEdit

Members of the Pai Zhuq and Dai Shi Clans can house their inner essence in the form of "Animal Spirits." Through training, these students and Masters can perform supernatural feats in combat; ranging from summoning the Spirit to attack to controlling energies. The Bat Ranger, having been derived from the essence of Master Swoop, uses the power of the Bat Spirit.

The Bat Ranger himself can also be used as a controllable puppet-body by Master Swoop; and can be personally summoned by the Blue Ranger.

The Bat Ranger Morphs directly from the Bat Spirit, and thus technically counts as his own Zord.




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