Appears in Alien Rangers, Zeo, (Cameo) In Space (Cameo), Wild Force (Cameo) 
Gender Male 
Color Red 
Debut Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part 1 
Last Seen Forever Red 
Sentai Counterpart Sasuke 
Portrayed By David Bacon, Christopher Glenn (Forever Red Voiceover) 

Aurico is the Red Alien Ranger hailing from the planet Aquitar. He is portrayed by David Bacon in his own series and was voiced by Christopher Glenn during his appearance in Forever Red.


Due to Aurico having little screentime, pegging the Aquitian's full personality is impossible. However, like the rest of the Alien Rangers, Aurico shows a logical, rational demeanor when dealing with others and a respect for water-life. In battle, Aurico generally leads attacks on the enemy; and has shown perseverant traits.






  • Aurico's actor David Bacon portrayed a dry cleaner in the Power Rangers Megaforce promotional video "Power Wash;" in which Robo Knight takes the Megaforcers' suits to be cleaned.
  • Aurico is the only Alien Ranger seen using the Aquitian Fist weapon.

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