Ahim de Famille
Appears in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, Goseiger vs. Shinkenger (Cameo), 199 Hero Great Battle, Super Hero Taisen, Super Hero Taisen Z, Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger 
Gender Female 
Color Pink 
Debut Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger (Pre-Series preview), The Space Pirates Appear! (Official) 
Last Seen Super Hero Taisen Z 
Power Rangers Counterpart Emma Goodall 
Portrayed By Yui Koike 

Ahim de Famille (usually referred to as simply Ahim) is Gokai Pink of the Gokaigers. She is portrayed by Yui Koike.


Ahim is by and far the quietest member of the team. She generally keeps to herself; and given her royal lineage, she is pristine and graceful in her movements. Due to having been raised high-end, she can be a bit clumsy sometimes and her fighting ability is minimal. However, she is the most compassionate member of the team after Don, and frequently finds herself undoing crew in-fighting or giving out a helpful ear to one that needs it. She has a hidden brave side that has been tempered due to her years with the Gokaigers; and as such can hold her own just as well as any of the others. Her and Luka are quite close.


Ranger Keys

After the 199 War, the powers of the Super Sentai were lost and spread throughout the galaxy in the form of Ranger Keys. The Gokaigers can use these Keys to emulate the aesthetic and abilities of the Sentai teams that have preceded them.

Like Gokai Green, she prefers a twin-Gokai Gun style as opposed to swordplay. Unlike her Green ally however, she possesses great flexibility and uses acrobatics to enhance the force and range of her shots.





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