A Crack in the World is to be the fourteenth episode of Power Rangers Super Samurai, the second season of Power Rangers Samurai.


The Rangers discover that Serrator’s recent attacks have an ulterior motive – to crack open the earth and let the Sanzu flood it and thereby become ruler of both worlds. Meanwhile, Pestilox attacks the city.


The rangers are training. Kevin starts to wonder why Serrator has attacked them in a certain pattern. He starts to line rocks up and brings the rangers to the map. Kevin results in a line. Back in Netherworld. Serrator summons Pestilox to attack the city. Octoroo finds out what Serrator is doing and gets mad. Antonio is fishing and catches a big one. He finds a photo booth and runs there, passing by Bulk and Spike, who are doing Tai Chi. Antonio scores four pictures until he recieves a call. Antonio arrives and starts fighting. The other rangers arrive. Pestilox goes away, and Jayden. Emily, and Mia go chase him, while Antonio, Mike, and Kevin start fighting Serrator and the Moogers. Pestilox is defeated and turns into a Mega Monster. Jayden, Mia, and Emily use the Samurai Megazord. They alternate forms: Beetle Blaster, Swordfish Fencer, Tiger Dril, then the Battlewing Megazord. Jayden summons the Claw Armor Megazord along with the Samurai Battle Cannon, and transforms into Shogun Mode. Pestilox is defeated, and the civilians are cured. Deker wants Uramasa, but Serrator wants Deker to slice the Earth, onlt because the slicer has to be a halk Nighlok, and halk human, and only then can Deker be free. Suddenly, a big waves of dark energy swooshes up from the line of attacks and leaves Deker and the rangers injured and lying unconscious, while Serrator is in the air bragging about his greatest achievement.

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